Air transport

The two Saxon international airports Leipzig/Halle and Dresden can be reached from Zwickau via a well-developed road and rail network.

Airport Distance Travel time car (without traffic) Travel time rail
Flughafen Leipzig/Halle über A4 und A9: 136 km 1:19 h 1:31 h
über B 93: 114 km 1:29 h 1:31 h
Flughafen Dresden über A4 123 km 1:13 h 2:08 h (1 mal Umsteigen)
über A 72 und A4: 135 km 1:25 h 2:08 h (1 mal Umsteigen)

Furthermore, business travellers can use the regional airports in Altenburg-Nobitz and Hof.

Zwickau itself has a commercial airfield on the western edge of the city.