Mechanical engineering / electronics

Over a third of all employees in Zwickau work in the manufacturing sector.

The spectrum of the predominantly small and medium-sized companies ranges from the production of cold storage and deep-freeze rooms and clean room systems, through plastics and special machines to electric motors and bridge structures.

As suppliers, e.g. to the automotive industry, many of the local companies are not only sought-after partners at the Zwickau location, but also maintain national and international sales and supply relationships.

With their engineering and skilled worker training, the local educational institutions are precisely geared to the requirements of the industry and guarantee a good availability of skilled workers.

Selected companies:

  • AMR Hydraulik GmbH is particularly active in the development and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Günter Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH mainly develops and constructs plastics machines
  • ILKAZELL Isoliertechnik GmbH is equipped with Europe's most modern thin sheet metal processing machine and supplies cooling cells for customers from Arabia to Russia.
  • SASIT Industrietechnik GmbH is a long-standing manufacturer of production equipment for automotive batteries. But the company also develops tailor-made complete solutions for conveyor systems.
  • Siebenwurst Werkzeugbau GmbH is a manufacturer of punching and forming tools for 3D formed parts made of sheet steel, high-strength sheet metal and aluminium
  • VEM motors thurm GmbH in Zwickau has developed in over one hundred years from a manufacturer for standard motors to a supplier of special and custom drives. Within the VEM group of companies, the Zwickau plant specialises in motors in the power range 0.06 to 7.5 kW with shaft heights 56 to 132 mm.
  • WESOMA Zwickauer Werkzeug- und Sondermaschinenbau GmbH is specialised in special machine construction, tool construction, fixture construction
  • ZSB Zwickauer Sonderstahlbau GmbH, the largest steel bridge builder in Germany, looks back on more than 160 years of uninterrupted tradition in steel and bridge construction (including the "Blue Wonder" in Dresden).