Notifying a Straußwirtschaft (temporary catering business)

Due to the new legal situation, you currently have to register in advance for a consultation before registering with the "General Police and Trade Authority"!

Your Concern

Within the framework of a Straußwirtschaft, it is possible to serve home-made wine or cider and cold and simply prepared hot food for four months per year in no more than two consecutive periods.


Only cold and simply prepared hot food may be offered. These are dishes that do not require any special skills and also require little time and effort to prepare.

In addition to wine or cider, at least one non-alcoholic drink must also be offered.

PLEASE NOTE: The notification obligation does not release you from compliance with other legal regulations. Other regulations, for example hygiene regulations and rules on restricted periods, must be observed.

With the notification you must inform the competent authority:

  • the planned period the Straußwirtschaft will be running
  • the place and location of the grapes used to make the wine, the place where the grapes were pressed and the place where the wine was made

Time limit/duration

You must report the operation of a Straußwirtschaft two weeks before the start.

Related Concerns

Legal Basis

Saxon Restaurant Act (SächsGastG) of 29/06/2011 (15/07/2011)

  • § 3 Saxon Restaurant Act (SächsGastG) - Straußwirtschaften
  • § 8 SächsGastG - Prohibitions and Requirements (serving non-alcoholic beverages)

Forms and online services

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There are currently no online forms available! For information, contact the General Police and Trade Authority.

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