Concert and Ball Hall "Neue Welt"

Outwardly almost somewhat inconspicuous, visitors inside the "Neue Welt" are regularly astonished: The ceiling of the Art Nouveau hall with its five terraces is supported by statues.

Friezes, ornaments, crystal mirrors and chandeliers complete the appearance. The concert and ball hall was built according to the plans of Johannes Henning and Emil Rascher and was ceremonially opened on 31 May 1903 with an extensive festive programme.

At that time, the "Neue Welt" was the largest and most distinguished establishment in western Saxony. Even today it is still one of the most important event venues in the automotive and Robert Schumann city.

Concerts, parties, receptions, balls and many other events take place in this unique ambience.

Party at "Neue Welt"
Concert at "Neue Welt"