Experiencing an impressive variety of art

The impressive museum building from 1914 today hosts a permanent as well as changing temporary exhibitions in different settings and is one of the most important art museums in Central Germany.

The Max-Pechstein-Museum founded in 2014 presents the oeuvre of the famous expressionist in a unique overview of about 50 paintings and drawings. The Max-Pechstein-Museum is the world's largest exhibition with works by the Zwickau native and “Brücke” artist.

From gold glittering altarpieces and sparkling minerals to colorful paintings – each visit is an extraordinary experience.

Kunstsammlungen Zwickau

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    Lessingstraße 1
    08058 Zwickau

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    13-18 Uhr
    13-18 Uhr
    13-18 Uhr
    13-18 Uhr
    13-18 Uhr
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    Feiertage mit Ausnahme Karfreitag, Heiligabend und Silvester geöffnet!

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