Zaanstad (Netherlands)

since 1987

Zaanstad was created in 1974 by the merger of seven municipalities and is the 13th largest Dutch municipality in terms of number of residents. Here is the gateway to the peace and quiet and the space of the rural area of North Holland above the North Sea Canal: Zaanstad is the link between metropolis and green space. Zaanstad has always been known as a centre of activity and has developed into an interesting and diverse residential town. 45,956 people work in 8,207 companies. The industrial experience in the city is reflected on the one hand in the specific experience and "know-how" of the Zaander professional population, and on the other hand in the existing business infrastructure with regard to the supply of goods and services to industrial companies.

Due to its location within the international hub of Amsterdam, Zaanstad is a very suitable location for companies that are linked to a metropolitan environment.

Visitors to Zaanstad can also enjoy interesting exhibitions in museums, e.g. for shipbuilding or old craftsmanship, watch a play in the theatre or simply end the day in a small and cosy restaurant. Centuries of history, culture and tradition can be found on every corner. Zaanstad is also a municipality that is proud of its rich history.

If you want to get to know Zaanstad, you have to ride down the Zaan at least once. This is where a chain of images from the past and present is lined up. Finally, the view from the Zaan also shows a picture of living in Zaanstad. Zaanstad shows itself in many facets, as different as the buildings here have been and will be.

River Zaan
Zaanse Schans