Sports in Zwickau

With its approximately 108 sports clubs and almost 16,000 organised members, the City of Zwickau is one of the leading sports strongholds in Saxony.

Traditionally, football, handball and basketball have enjoyed the greatest attention among resident sports enthusiasts. With their sporting achievements, especially the professional footballers of FSV Zwickau, the women's handball team of BSV Sachsen Zwickau, the wheelchair basketball players of BSC Roller Zwickau, the basketball players of BC Zwickau, and last but not least the performances of the gymnasts of TSV "Fliegende Sachsen" e.V. contribute to the good sporting reputation of our automotive and Robert Schumann city spreading far beyond the state borders.

Thanks to the great commitment of many volunteer trainers in Zwickau's sports clubs, the sporting activities of children and young people play an essential role in many clubs. Annual appointments of state and talent centres by the Saxony State Sports Association provide impressive proof of the excellent work in this field.

Traditional sporting events and championships at various levels organised by the city's sports clubs are shown in the annual sporting calendar.

Sparkassen City run 2017
DFB cup match in the stadium of Zwickau, FSV Zwickau against Hamburger SV, 2016
Handball players of the BSV-Saxony Zwickau in the sports hall Neuplanitz
BSC Rollers Zwickau
Zwickau triathlon in the Glück-Auf swimming baths