Important inventions


The invention of the pit safety lamp by engineer Carl Wolf, which indicated the threat of firedamp explosions, saved the lives of many miners and was the basis for the worldwide success of the Zwickau pit lamp works.

a pit safety lamp by engineer Carl Wolf


The publication of the first book produced in three-colour printing by the company "Förster und Borries".

one of the first books produced in three-colour printing


August Horch further developed the technology of automotive engineering and gave important impulses to the new industry. The four-cylinder models designed by him and August Herrmann Lange and built in Zwickau, with bag cylinders cast in pairs and the principle of changeover control, were internationally recognised and established the tradition of Saxon automotive construction; the innovations he introduced included the cardan shaft for power transmission, left-hand drive and the centrally positioned gear lever.


The world's first production of a synthetic resin for paint production by the chemist Carl Heinrich Meyer in Louis Blumer's chemical factory.

Patent certificate