Urban development

The task of urban development is to control the overall development of Zwickau, taking into account the topics of economy and housing, mobility, environment, culture, education, sport and health. This process, which goes on over generations, must give special consideration to the demographic and economic development in Zwickau and in the region.

  • "Urban development is a permanent joint task of all social forces. This applies to all planning and action levels of urban development - from small-scale urban renewal to inter-municipal cooperation between towns and municipalities in a region. Sustainable urban development can only succeed if the dimensions of social, economic, ecological, cultural and institutional interaction interact in a way that a fair consensus between the interests of today's and tomorrow's urban population is achieved through the responsible use of available resources." (BBR 2008)
  • "We have a vision of inclusive, prosperous, creative and sustainable cities and municipalities that offer a high quality of life to all residents and give them the opportunity to actively participate in all aspects of urban life" Guiding principle of "Sustainable Urban Development", Aalborg Charter (Denmark, June 2004)


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