Zwickau's range of industries focuses on the automotive industry and its suppliers, mechanical and plant engineering and the logistics industry. Large companies such as Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH, Johnson Controls Sachsen-Batterien GmbH & Co.KG or the logistics company Weck & Poller have very good conditions for their corporate development in Zwickau. As a retail location, Zwickau can boast attractive properties in 1a and 1b locations.

In order to promote exchange and networking between Zwickau companies and also to identify and strengthen growth and future industries as to minimise dependence on the automotive industry, so-called industry competence centres are being established.

The work within the network is sector-related and organised in a regional association. Cooperations and networks are closely linked through the sector competence centres.

These possible approaches are connected to the strengthening of knowledge and technology-intensive industries at the Zwickau location (maintenance of existing facilities, new settlement, value chains).

Industry and network approaches: