Building and living

"Honour the old, but welcome the new with a warm heart." is one of Robert Schumann's well-known rules of life, which could be used to describe the objectives for the city's construction and environmental sectors. Because in Zwickau, where monuments and new buildings, nature reserves and modern transport infrastructure can be found side by side, it is particularly important to preserve the old without preventing future developments. The conceptual basis for this is in particular the urban development concept.

Since 1990, the cityscape has been changed positively by a series of investments, which have been implemented by the city itself, often with the support of the state, the federal government, or the EU. Examples are the Johannisbad, the redesign of the main market square, the Old Gasometer, the Priesterhäuser or - currently - the city hall. Not to be forgotten are the wide range of infrastructure measures, such as the extension of the B 93 federal road or the "Regiosprinter", as well as the tram. The Zwickau Arcaden and Osterstein Castle, which was built as a public-private partnership, are examples of how private companies can also find good conditions in Zwickau.

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