Stephan Roth Citizen's Medal

The Stephan Roth Citizen's Medal can be awarded to citizens of Zwickau who have made particularly successful contributions over many years to the welfare of the city or its citizens and who have earned the lasting gratitude and special recognition of their fellow citizens.

This applies in particular to members of the city council and knowledgeable residents as advisory members in committees of the city council, who have been members of the council for more than 4 election periods or 20 years without interruption, starting in 1990, or who leave the council after 15 years of membership or after 3 election periods. The Stephan Roth Citizen's Medal of the City of Zwickau is minted in silver and bears a portrait of Stephan Roth with the inscription "Stephan Roth 1492-1546" on the front. The coat of arms of the City of Zwickau with the inscription "Dank und Anerkennung Stadt Zwickau" ("Gratitude and recognition City of Zwickau") is embossed on the back.

The Stephan Roth Citizen's Medal is usually awarded once a year in January. The citizens of the City of Zwickau are entitled to nominate individuals for the award. Until August 30th of each year, the Lord Mayor can be sent award proposals, which are ultimately decided by the Zwickau city council.