The Schlobigpark is located in the middle of the Nordvorstadt ('northern suburb') close to the city centre, directly on the Zwickauer Mulde. It originated as an institutional garden for the city hospital, in whose neighbourhood Dr Schlobig had his private spa and sanatorium built from 1868 onwards.

After the clinic was relocated, the old buildings were demolished. Thanks to the EU's URBAN programme, the area was redesigned between 1996 and 1999. The terrain was gently modelled and restructured, taking into account the old tree population.

Still visible evidence of Dr Schlobig's work today is the impressive historical Johannisbad area.

Accesses open up the parking area via a network of gently curving paths and lead the visitor up to the Muldenpromenade, which is also part of the Muldental cycle route.

The park can be used all year round. Special attractions for children are a playground in the north-western part of the park and an all-weather playground in the south-eastern part. Two giant turtles made of cast bronze invite young and old to linger at the playground.

An artificial stream valley for rainwater infiltration, which is spanned by a small bridge, always offers an attractive sight with its plantings.

Tactile and scented beds enable the visually impaired in particular to perceive aromatic and spice plants sensually.

Dr. Schlobig monument
Touch and fragrance beds