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University of Applied Sciences

The Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau - University of Applied Sciences has an excellent reputation not only as a place where engineers are made, but also as a university of applied sciences in general in the fields of technology, economics, health, languages and art. Around 4,500 students from 50 countries study in more than 50 degree courses. The university also offers part-time postgraduate courses and various further education opportunities for professionals as well as specialists and managers.

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The Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau - University of Applied Sciences is also an important motor for research and development for the City of Zwickau and the region of west Saxony. Their application-oriented research will continue to make a decisive contribution to overcoming the major social challenges of the future and provide answers to scientific, economic and social questions. Using new media, the university wants to expand the showcase of its research achievements and provide comprehensive information to companies and society.

The WHZ publishes up-to-date research activities in projects, events, doctoral theses and publications in its "Forschungsinformationssystem" (FIS) ('research information system'). Interested entrepreneurs and residents can search for the information and contacts they need via the "Forschungsinformationssystem" (FIS) ('research information system') on the website.

In addition to the FIS, the WHZ publishes interesting and detailed articles on selected research projects in the magazine Campusforschung. The magazine is also available online in the Forschungsinformationssystem.

Institutes and research centres of the WHZ

The excellent research achievements of the WHZ are based on the existing diversity and competence of the various scientific fields in its institutes and research centres as well as on the internal and external networking in partnership. The annual income from publicly funded research projects and industrial contracts ensures that the WHZ has excellent research facilities and modern research laboratories. Here you will find an overview of the existing institutes and research centres.

Institutes belonging to the WHZ

Institutes affiliated with the WHZ

Research centres of the WHZ


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