Zwickau, regional centre and fourth largest city in the Free State of Saxony, is the economic and cultural centre of western Saxony and THE automotive city in eastern Germany.

Largest employer is Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH. The fact that the focus is not only on the motor vehicle and supplier industry is demonstrated by companies in other sectors of the economy. The production profile ranges from pharmaceuticals, paint base materials and energy storage systems to insulation and refrigeration technology, from plant, bridge and engine construction to logistics, supplemented by trade, crafts and services.

With almost 52,800 employees subject to social insurance contributions, a population of around 91,000 and an export rate of over 48 percent, Zwickau is an attractive business location - this is underscored by innovative and internationally active companies, a high-performance infrastructure and highly qualified employees.

But Zwickau is also a dynamic university and research location characterised by close cooperation between stakeholders from industry, science, administration and associations.

In order to make your decision for Zwickau as a business location easier, on the following pages we have compiled the hard and soft location factors of our city, which are relevant for you as an entrepreneur. The Economic Development Office will be happy to provide you with further information personally.

Volkswagen factory Zwickau/Mosel, body shop