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The city of Zwickau offers a variety of properties for sale. The offerings range from apartment buildings, residential and commercial buildings to building plots and condominiums.

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  • Liegenschafts- und Hochbauamt

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    PF 20 09 33
    08009 Zwickau

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    Hauptmarkt 26
    08056 Zwickau

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    9-12 Uhr / 13-18 Uhr
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    Christoph Kaufmann

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    Phone Number: +49 375 836500
    Telefax Number: +49 375 836565

If you are interested in one or more of the listed properties and require further information or would like an appointment, the respective contact person at the Real Estate and Building Office, Real Estate Service, will be happy to assist you.

Address / submission of offers

Please send your offers to the address below. You also have the option of submitting the documents directly to the property and building construction office.

Offer content

The offer should contain the following information:

  •     Bid price
  •     Proof of funding
  •     Conception of use
  •     Investment volume and investment period
  •     Investment period

In addition to the price range, the usage concept is an important selection criterion.


The offers are without guarantee for the accuracy and completeness of the information. These advertisements are an invitation to submit offers and an investment concept. The owner is not obliged to award the highest bid or any bid.

The city of Zwickau reserves the right to decide whether, when, to whom and under what conditions the property is sold. There is no legal claim to acceptance of a prospective buyer's bid.

Important NOTE:

For the prior check of the buildability or the possibility of implementing the construction project, we recommend a preliminary building inquiry at the Office for Building Regulations. If you have any questions about planning law / planning objectives, please contact the relevant contact person at the city planning office, SG Urban Planning. All legally binding development plans according to § 30 BauGB can be viewed on the city website.

Regardless of the building law assessment of the property, interested parties are free to carry out ground investigations at their own expense before purchasing a property or to make inquiries to the Saxon Mining Authority Freiberg regarding information from the mining authorities. This is particularly due to the nature of the soil in Zwickau, historically due to mining in the urban area, to avoid unforeseeable costs, e.g. when building a building with a basement, recommended.

In general, the city of Zwickau assumes no liability for the suitability of the respective property for the purposes of the prospective buyer.