Puppet Theatre Zwickau

Centrally and independently located in the city centre, the puppet theatre looks back on a long tradition. Since its creation in 1952, every Zwickau resident has visited the puppet theatre an average of 15 times.

Puppet theatre today means magic, poetry and a true cosmos of possibilities. Under this motto, the Puppet Theatre Zwickau is an extraordinary theatre for an extraordinary city: colourful, cosy, open - with plenty of space for little heroes and great art on a small stage. Its offers are meant to make you creative, strong, smart, courageous & happy, and range from classical repertoire pieces to extensive course offerings and theatre-pedagogical support.


The GDR government had been inspired by a tour of the Moscow Central State Puppet Theatre.

The state then decreed the establishment of similar puppet theatres in the larger cities of the GDR. In October 1952 the Theater der Jugend was founded in Zwickau.

Its first director was Heinz Holzapfel. In 1955 the puppet theatre became part of the stages of the City of Zwickau. At that time it was the only municipal theatre that also increasingly worked with thread marionettes.

In 1987, the company moved to the rooms on Gewandhausstraße, which are still the venue for the puppets' performances today. Even today, the productions still inspire young and old alike.

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