Filmpalast "Astoria"

The Filmpalast "Astoria" is a modern multiplex cinema with seven screens for 2D and 3D blockbusters. In total, the cinema offers around 1000 seats in various price categories. The air-conditioned auditoriums were extensively renovated until late 2018.

Municipal cinema Casablanca

The cinema, an indispensable part of the programme of the Verein Alter Gasometer and now an institution, is open Tuesday evenings for Zwickau's film fans: whether schoolchildren, students or senior citizens. Since 1992, the Casablanca cinema has been showing films that on the surface cannot be described as commercial. Dramas, tragedies, slice-of-life stories, documentaries, comedies, bizarre films, thrillers, animated films, short films - variety is guaranteed with such a diversity of genres.

"Old Gasometer"