Start up

For a successful start into self-employment

Starting a business requires precise and well-structured planning. A large number of institutions in Zwickau therefore offer help and information on the topic of business start-ups.

The services for business start-ups range:

  • from the assessment of the business idea and evaluation of the economic activity
  • to information on funding programmes
  • up to support in the search for commercial space or premises

Another important instrument of regional economic development in this context is the European Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) Zwickau GmbH.

Particularly technology-oriented start-ups or young companies find support here in the form of infrastructure and consulting services. The services offered range from the leasing of appropriately equipped premises to individual advice on founding, financing and initiating business contacts.

StartUp-Center Zwickau

The planning and implementation of a start-up centre in Zwickau is a concrete project proposal within the "Zwickau Economy Action Plan 2025".

Especially in connection with the strategic economic goals:

  • Promoting technology, start-up and innovation and expanding networking
  • Diversification of the economic structure
  • Support for future and growth sectors
  • Intensification and expansion of portfolio maintenance

the realisation of a start-up centre and the associated promotion of the start-up culture in Zwickau is of great importance.

The planned start-up-centre is intended to support (potential) founders in the initial start-up phases. Target groups are start-ups from the Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau - University of Applied Sciences as well as from companies and other institutions. Assuming a planned location close to the university, offices, laboratories and expertise are to be made available at low cost. This effectively promotes and intensifies the exchange and transfer between the start-ups, the Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau - University of Applied Sciences and the Zwickau business community.