The 4th Saxon State Exhibition

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For Saxony, the year 2020 will focus upon its rich and fascinating industrial heritage. The highlight of the “Year of Industrial Heritage” forms the 4th Saxon State Exhibition, running from 11st July until 1st November 2020. It will present both the city of Zwickau, known for its automotive industry and the musician Robert Schumann, and the region of southwest Saxony as one of the most significant cradles of European industrialisation. Titled Boom. 500 years of industrial heritage in Saxony, the state exhibition will celebrate Saxony’s pioneering ideas, inventions, and products which have revolutionised the world for the past five centuries. On around 2,500 square metres, a central exhibition at the Audi-Bau Zwickau with the same title will showcase Saxony’s history of technology, science, and culture in a historical and multimedia-based panorama. A further six authentic venues in the region will present fascinating special exhibitions. The August Horch Museum Zwickau - CarBoom., the Chemnitz Museum of Industry - MachineryBoom., the Saxon Railway Museum Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf - RailwayBoom., the Mining Museum Oeslnitz/Erzgebirge - CoalBoom., the Textile Factory Bros. Pfau Crimmitschau - TextileBoom. and the Silver Mine Freiberg - SilverBoom. will bring to life the historical, current, and future industries in Saxony.