Children & young people

Under this heading you will find offers and services that are geared to the interests and needs of the young generation. The aim is to encourage young people to play an active role, to promote social competence and commitment, and to ensure that as many young people as possible take advantage of the varied offers to promote their personal development.

Our specialists in the pre-school, after-school and home areas as well as in school social work strive to support children, adolescents and young adults on their way to becoming responsible and socially capable individuals, to challenge and encourage them. But they are also a first port of call when it comes to parenting issues and difficult life situations, provide advice, support and, if necessary, refer people to suitable specialist services.

The aim of all these offers and services is to positively influence living conditions and to maintain or create a child and family-friendly environment.

Children's group at kindergarten Oberhohndorf
Jugendliche beachen im JC Airport
Young people play beach volleyball at youth club Airport