Daycare centres

In the city of Zwickau there are 53 childcare facilities available to parents to look after their children, which are run by 17 providers.

Municipal daycare centres for children

Our daycare centres are houses for children, because every corner is open to the children and invites them to play.

In the 16 municipal daycare centres they will meet other children who play, romp, work, sing, eat, sleep, make music ...

We create the right conditions to allow your children to develop age-appropriately, discover their individuality and feel comfortable according to their needs.

In accordance with the Saxon law on children's daycare facilities, the 2000 children in our facilities are cared for by pedagogical specialists who hold at minimum a qualification as state-approved educator. They accompany and support the children holistically on the basis of the Saxon educational plan by:

Focusing in their work on the lifeworld of children and parents, based on respect and esteem for families.

Starting to prepare for school with the first day in the institution, as this is also always preparation for life and goes hand in hand with the acquisition of basic skills.

Supporting the children in their thirst for exploration and teaching them at an early age to take part in decisions about their everyday life and to actively shape it. All municipal facilities align their profile with the pedagogical concept of the City of Zwickau and are certified according to the quality instruments PädQUIS or QUAST. Regular further training and pedagogical advice from the expert advisor are provided as a matter of course for all employees.

If we have aroused your interest and you would like us to support your child, please make an appointment with the director of the selected institution. She will be at your side in an advisory capacity.

You can find the municipal daycare facilities in the "List of facilities" by selecting "Type of provider".


Childminding is a service provided by the youth welfare service to complement the family.

It is an alternative to childcare in a daycare centre, and supports and complements the education and upbringing of the child in the family. It has played an increasing role in the current discussion on the expansion of childcare, especially for the youngest children.

There are currently 9 publicly funded childminders with a total of 44 places for children under three years of age. There are also 3 privately funded childminders.

You can find a childminder in the "List of facilities" by selecting "Type of provider" (German).

Group of kids at daycare centre Schatzinsel Mosel
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