Self-help groups

Self-help - what's that?

The self-help movement brings people together who have similar problems in the mental, health or social sense. In self-help groups, participants take charge of their situation by exchanging experiences, seeking solutions together and helping each other.

Self-help groups are a useful supplement to medical help and professional care. 

Self-help - how does it work?

Contact points for self-help groups can be the regional contact and information points for self-help. This makes it possible to receive organisational support, to find other equally affected persons and to use the experience of other self-help groups. However, self-help is not bound to a fixed structure - those affected can also find out for themselves what works best for them. What's important is that everything is based on personal initiative - and this is also the great strength of self-help. Even people who may not yet have found the strength to do something from within themselves are supported and encouraged by more experienced people.

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