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The day permit can be granted under certain requirements or can be linked to conditions (for example, sale of only a certain group of goods). The day permit is linked to the person to whom it is issued. It is not transferable.

You can also have the application processed via the point of single contact (PSC).

Competent authority

  • Municipal or city administration


Please enquire about the application formalities directly with the responsible office. Ask whether a written application is required and whether a form is available. Depending on what the authority offers, you can also download the form online ("Forms & Online Services").

It may also be that for day admission to the weekly market in a municipality, an oral request to the market management on the market day itself is sufficient.

Depending on the time of application, you will be informed in advance or on site at the market whether you will receive a day permit or which sales location will be allocated to you.

Even if you have already submitted the necessary documents to the authorities, you and, if applicable, your employees should have these documents with you on market day in order to be able to identify yourself.

Time limit/duration

As a rule, the municipal statutes stipulate that a day stall location can also be applied for at the market management on the market day itself. (For example, a sales space may be allocated to a day trader at short notice if the holder of a permanent permit does not arrive by the start of the sales period)

Legal Basis


Fees may be charged for admission as a day trader at the weekly market. The amount of the market fees is set by the municipalities and cities in the local fee statutes and varies from municipality to municipality. The fees generally range from €2.50 to €15.00. There may be additional costs, such as for the power supply of your sales stand. For further information, please contact the responsible office.


A weekly market is a regularly recurring, temporary event at which certain types of goods (especially fruit, vegetables, bread and pastries, cheese, eggs, meat and sausages, flowers) are offered. In addition, statutory law may stipulate that goods for everyday use (including pots, frying pans, broomsticks) may also be offered for sale.

All the details of weekly markets, from the place and time, the application for a stall place and the market fees, to the construction and dismantling of the sales stalls, are laid down by the municipalities and cities in their statutes. Usually there are permanent stall places and day stall places at weekly markets. However, there is no entitlement to admission as a day trader or to the allocation or reservation of a specific sales location.

Tip: If you are interested in selling goods at a weekly market, find out about local regulations from the municipal or city authorities at an early stage.

Point of single contact

You can use the service of the point of single contact for this procedure. Your point of single contact will guide you through the procedure, take care of correspondence with all the offices responsible for your request and will be available to you as a competent advisor.

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Information from the city administration of Zwickau

You can fill in the application form (see right column) in advance and print it out. You can also send it electronically to the competent authority.

For technical reasons, it is not yet possible to sign the application digitally! You have to send the signed application to the competent authority by post!

Please note that the application will only be forwarded to Kultour Z. GmbH. All other information, such as dates, market statutes, etc. can be found on the website of Kultour Z. GmbH. Applications are processed exclusively in Kultour Z. GmbH.

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