St Mary's Cathedral

St Mary's Cathedral ranks among the most important Late Gothic hall churches in Upper Saxony. This historic 12th-century building was completed in the Late Gothic style between 1453 and 1565. The cathedral's present Baroque spire was erected between 1671 and 1677. At 88 metres, St Mary's Cathedral is still the tallest building in Zwickau today. Towards the end of the 19th century, the cathedral's buttresses were decorated with sculptures of the apostles, prophets and key figures from the Protestant Reformation. There are also a number of art treasures to be found inside the cathedral, including a winged altar decorated by Michael Wohlgemuth, who would go on to teach Dürer, and the mourning figures of Peter Breuer's Beweinung Christi (Lamentation of Christ). Visitors will also have the opportunity to see Michael Hauffner's Heiliges Grab (Holy Grave) and Paul Speck's font and pulpit, both of which date from the 16th century.

Dom St. Marien
Luftbild vom Dom St. Marien
Historische Ansicht Dom St. Marien