Main rail station

This clinker building, designed by the German National Railway's head architect, Otto Falck, was constructed between 1933 and 1936 as an expression of the architectural developments of the 1920s, thus emulating the contemporary zeitgeist.

This major station features a large entrance hall and generously-sized platform crossings, and is the third building of its kind in Zwickau, the city having got its first rail connection in 1845. One peculiarity of this station is that it connects the Deutsche Bahn railway system to the city centre; since 1999, the RegioSprinter regional service from Vogtland and the Czech Republic has stopped here before heading down past the town hall into central Zwickau.

Due to the differing track widths required for trains and trams, this service is provided by means of a unique three-rail track which is compatible with each of the methods of transport involved.