In the 19th century, Zwickau experienced an economic upswing which caused the population to boom. As a result, the city outgrew the Moritzkirche (St Moritz's Church) on today's Hölderlinstrasse and so the parish council decided to build a new, larger and more beautiful place of worship.

The new church was erected not far from the old one in the northern Nordvorstadt district. The three-naved building was completed in the Gründerzeit style with neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque elements, its façade featuring relief-like stone ornamentation. Over the main door and side aisles you will find beautiful large rose windows. The new Moritzkirche was consecrated on the first day of Advent in 1893, following the blessing of the bells on 3rd October.

In one of the seven alcoves along the neo-Gothic nave, visitors can find a life-size statue of Martin Luther holding the Bible. Renovation work completed in 2012 restored the church to its former splendour.

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