Mühlpfort house

Few period features remain in this former Late Gothic town house, which served for many centuries as a guest house with lodgings and stables, with the notable exception of a remarkable two-bay ribbed vault found in the lobby.

The house used to be occupied by Hermann Mühlpfort (1486-1534), mayor of Zwickau between 1521 and 1533 and a close friend of Martin Luther. In 1519, Luther dedicated his essay “On the Freedom of a Christian” to Mühlpfort. Later, in 1522, Luther visited the city at the request of the municipal authorities, in order to help calm the population's revolutionary fervour. In 1531, however, Mühlpfort and Luther came to blows over the filling of pastors' positions, a disagreement which eventually resulted in their permanent estrangement.

historical view
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