The multiple-award winning MuldeParadies is one of the most beautiful public parks in Saxony.

By converting a main highway, it was possible to landscape an area which has become a welcome place for strolling, lingering and relaxing. Children just love the two playgrounds. This unique parkway is complemented by a stage on the river, rest areas and historic elements, which makes it attractive to each and every visitor. As part of the Mulde cycling track, the trans-regional Luther Trail, as well as the Way of St James, it also invites visitors to go for cycling and hiking tours in the region.

Since July 2014, a work of art by Jo Harbort can be seen in the grounds entitled Erinnerung – es ist Feierabend – Schicht im Schacht which roughly translates as Remembrance – The end of the working day – Work has come to an end. It is a reminder of the intensive coal mining industry in the Zwickau region, and is also in honour and appreciation of the coal miners’ work.