Forest park (City forest)

The best known and largest forest area of the City of Zwickau is located west of the districts Marienthal and Weißenborn. A very eventful topography forms the habitat for very diverse forest communities. The existing deciduous and mixed forest is dominated by various species of beech, maple and oak. Spruce, pine, larch and Douglas fir can be found in small coniferous populations.

Besides forestry use, the improvement of the recreational value has a very long tradition. The park-like redesign of a 25 hectare area began already more than 100 years ago with the creation of the ponds at the Weißenborner Bach. Hiking trails were extended, very rare deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs were planted, shelters and seating were built, and special areas with playground equipment, memorial stones and information boards were created. The annual flowering of the historic rhododendron and azalea plantations in May is a special highlight, but the 38 km long trail system also offers many opportunities to observe nature at any time of year.

The stops of several public transport lines ensure very good access from different starting points for hikes. Parking spaces are available at Crimmitschauer Straße, Werdauer Straße and Karl-Keil-Straße. Gastronomic facilities offer their services at prominent points.