Aims and tasks

The aim of the youth council is to give greater weight to the wishes and interests of children and young people. In addition, the political participation of young people is to be strengthened and promoted.

The aims and tasks of the youth council therefore include in particular:

  • The youth council advises policymakers with suggestions, recommendations and statements.
  • It is the link and mediator between young people, the administration and the city council.
  • It shows views, needs and interests and presents possibilities for meeting the requirements of current planning.
  • It lobbies on behalf of children and young people and their interests and thereby promotes children and youth activities.
  • It contributes to creating a city that meets the needs of children and young people.
  • It is a contact point for politically interested and committed young people.
  • The youth council enables children and young people to participate democratically in municipal decision-making processes on issues relevant to children and young people.

The youth council, which is elected for two years, should meet eight times a year. It consists of two city councillors and nine young people aged between 14 and 24 years (reference date = election day). They all have the right to speak, vote and propose motions in the youth council.

A representative of the Coordination Office of the Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance as an advisory and pedagogical supporting member, and a representative of the Office for School, Social Affairs and Sport, are non-voting members. Representatives of specialist departments and other offices of the Zwickau city administration can be consulted if necessary. At its 1st meeting, the youth council elects a chairperson and a deputy from among its members. The chairperson (or their deputy) convenes the meetings, and also has the right to speak and propose motions in the city council and its committees.

In addition, all young people in the city can raise issues, or they can be collected and passed on via the Zwickau youth buffet or a voluntary youth welfare organisation commissioned by the Zwickau city administration.

Please also take a look at the concept adopted by the city council. Here you can find more information about the youth council!