Welcome to the automotive and Robert Schumann city

Spanning more than 900 years, the history of Saxony's fourth-largest town is marked by mining, the Reformation and great personalities such as the composer Robert Schumann, the engineer and automotive pioneer August Horch and the artist Max Pechstein.

This rich history can be encountered at every turn in Zwickau - for example in the Robert Schumann House, the August Horch Museum, the Priesterhäuser or the Max Pechstein Museum in the KUNSTSAMMLUNGEN. The Kornhaus, today home of the municipal library, is a monument of (inter)national importance, as is the Katharinenkirche, which has been awarded the European Heritage Seal. Walking through the city centre, one comes across numerous imposing monuments.

In addition, Zwickau offers (almost) everything that other cities also have: Restaurants, bars and pubs, parks and wooded areas, sports and playgrounds, interesting event locations, a multi-genre theatre and a puppet theatre and much more.

View of Osterstein Castle from the Muldenwarte
Main market Zwickau