Dünnebier house

Dünnebier House is one of the oldest buildings in Zwickau. Niclas Römer, brother of the Zwickau patrician and Amtshauptmann Martin Römer, is thought to have had the building constructed by Arnold of Westphalia in 1480.

The impressive town house at the east end of the Zwickau Hauptmarkt (main market square) features prominent curtain-arched windows and a five-tiered gable, whilst each of the rooms on the first floor boasts splendid original wooden beam ceilings floors.

The building was named after the grocer E.G. Dünnebier. Since 1984, the building - which has just been completely refurbished - has been used by the municipal authorities as a wedding venue.

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    Neuberinplatz 1
    08056 Zwickau