Sportforum Eckersbach "Sojus 31"

This leisure centre with its large sports hall, football pitch and athletics facilities is located in the district of Eckersbach. Built in 1970, it was officially named eight years later after the Soviet Soyuz 31 spacecraft and in honour of GDR cosmonaut Siegmund Jähn who was the first German into space (1978). The sports complex is currently the home ground for the local football team DFC Westsachsen. Amateur and junior competitions in various sports are also regularly staged in the hall.

Hourly run series in the Sportforum Eckersbach
Youth sports festival
Venue of the FSV Zwickau 2011-2016


  • Sportforum Eckersbach "Sojus 31"

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    08066 Zwickau

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